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Hurst Horticultural Show
20 August 2016
Organised by the Hurst Horticultural & Cottage Garden Society

Show Information:

New This Year

2015 Show

Unlike all other classes the new Scarecrow class is open to groups as well as individuals so that families, friends and work teams can join in. The full size scarecrow exhibits will be outside and promise to be a fun feature of this year´s event. As always, all are welcome to enter.

Also this year is a new miniature tomato class which reflects the increasing popularity of small tomatoes. Miniature are defined as 20mm or less, while cherry are 35mm or less.

A YouTube video class hopes to attract many entries with the theme of “Perspectives of Hurst”. Video entries will be showing during the show and available on the website afterwards. Detailed instructions for all and guidance to encourage the inexperienced will be available under the “Instructions” button above by the end of March.

Class List Available

A full list of classes for the 2016 Show can be downloaded using the Entry Documents button above. In addition an entry form, a list of cups, and show rules can also be downloaded The full colour printed schedules containing this information and more will be available in the middle of June and delivered to all Hurst households by the end of June.

The dates and times for your diaries are the deadline of 7:00pm on Wednesday 17 August for entry forms, 7:00am to 10:30am on Saturday 20 August for staging exhibits and 1:30pm on 20 August the Show will open.

Donation to Alexander Devine

Last year´s successful Show generated a small surplus which enabled the Society to decide to donate £500 to the Alexander Devine children´s hospice. Details of the hospice can be seen here: www.alexanderdevine.org


Instructions and Guidelines for Exhibitors

Instructions and guidelines have been written to help and encourage exhibitors. The two available are: 1) Cooking and Preserves, and; 2) Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers. These can be downloaded from the “Instructions” option in the menu above. These guidelines and instructions maybe updated nearer the Show and others will be added.

Photographs, Results and Press Coverage

Photographs of the 2015 Show can be viewed from the “Pictures” link above. There are so many that they are split into six categories.

Also, the results of each class and a list of trophy winners can be viewed from the “Results Archive” link above, where you can also find some interesting statistics on our entries.

Press coverage of this, and previous, year´s shows can be seen here: Press Coverage

Show History

1939 Poster

Old Show Poster

The first Show was held in 1902 and known as the Hurst Show. If you would like to read a little history go here: Show History.

Show Archives

The results of previous shows are available from the following page: Archives.

Community Links

The Society is one of many local organisations that serve the local community. A list of others can be seen here: Community Links.

Show Supporters

Many local businesses support the Show and their sponsorship pays the printing cost of our shedule and show posters. Here is a list of those that supported the Show in 2015:

    Binghams Brewery
    Castle Inn
    Hare Hatch Sheeplands
    Hurst Convenience Store
    Laurels Garden Centre
    Loddon Cars
    MOT City - Garage Services
    P. D. Jennings - Butchers
    Parkers Twyford

News Alerts for the 2016 Show

Please send an email to the address below to receive news about our main show and other Society events:


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